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Tipsy Snowcones

Step into our "Tipsy Snowcones Experience" and reminisce with a matured version of a cherished childhood treat. Transport yourself back to those golden summer days, but this time with a twist that's exclusively for the grown-ups. Our boozy snowcones are the perfect antidote to the Arizona heat, merging playful memories with sophisticated flavors. Whether you're looking to cool down or simply light up your summer party, these spirited snowcones promise a refreshing journey down memory lane, one icy bite at a time.
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Frozen Party Drinks

Snowcones with a Spirited Twist!

Nostalgic Yet Novel

Relive childhood memories while exploring new boozy flavors.

Summer Essential

The ultimate refresher for beating the Arizona heat during outdoor events.

Variety of Flavors

A wide selection of alcoholic infusions to satisfy diverse palates.

Fun & Interactive

A surefire hit at summer parties, creating buzz and excitement among guests.

Crafted with Care

High-quality ingredients ensure the perfect blend of taste and texture.

Tipsy Snowcones FAQ

The snowcones have a moderate alcohol content, akin to a typical cocktail, ensuring they're enjoyable without being overly potent.
Certainly! We offer both boozy and non-boozy versions to cater to all guests, including children.
While we have a plethora of flavors, we recommend selecting a curated list to ensure variety without overwhelming choices.
Our setup is designed to keep the snowcones chilled throughout the event, ensuring a consistent icy experience for all.

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